Cervantes Touch Light


Version 5.2.1

Firmware v5.2.1 127 MB
  • Books can be organised by their position within the collection they belong to (created with Calibre or similar).
  • Improved uploading of books en masse.
  • Improved text selection, dictionary opening and pop-up menus via long-press.

Version 5.2.0

Firmware v5.2.0 125 MB
  • Direct access to Wikipedia while reading.
  • Allows browsing among the indexes of the eBooks.
  • State of battery visible during charging on stand-by.
  • Progress bar can show chapters during reading.
  • Organization of the collections by Calibre.
  • Optimization of battery’s consumption.

Version 5.1.0

Firmware v5.1.0 149 MB
  • Improved save function for collections.
  • Option to add books to collections from the book file.
  • Improved bookmark management (Vitola) unifying the different book statuses: Read, Reading and Unread.
  • Configuration button added to the viewer.
  • Improved viewing options for PDFs in landscape mode: scrollbar, mini activity icons and word-search results bar.
  • Information extraction enabled for MOBI files: metadata and cover.
  • Optimised screensaver images.

Version 5.0.0

Firmware v5.0.0 117.5 MB
  • Improvements to the viewer:
    • - Support for e-book formats FB2, MOBI, DOC, RTF and TXT.
    • - New additional and configurable information available: title, time, percentage read, page, pages to end of chapter and progress bar.
    • - Improved underlining: now possible to edit text after selecting it.
    • - Improved browsing of keyword-search results.
    • - Improved landscape mode and zoom in PDF documents.
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Version 4.2.1 | Update for devices with the Nubico store

Firmware v4.2.1 106 MB
  • Enables subscription to the Nubico Premium service.

Version 4.2.0

Firmware v4.2.0 105 MB
  • Optional registration with the Nubico store.
  • Optimised Wi-Fi connectivity, including the option to connect to hidden networks and configure a static IP for a Wi-Fi network.
  • New IR touch driver with improved performance.
  • New annotation options.
  • Option to use the cover of the most recent book as a screensaver.
  • Optimised book-cover function, for more fluid scrolling through the library and menus.
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Version 4.1.3

Firmware v4.1.3 118 MB
  • New option for the book to be removed from the list of recent reads upon closing.
  • Improved handing of justification for books.
  • Option to export the notes for a book.
  • Information added regarding the last time the most recently opened book was accessed.
  • Greater distinction between the different levels on the book's Contents page.
  • Improved management with Adobe Digital Editions (ADE).
  • More fonts incorporated, including one with a greater level of contrast (Tiresias).
  • Improved adjustment bar for light level.
  • Improved mechanism for returning to the bookmark after skipping past it to footnotes.
  • Optimised updating of battery-level information in the device-information section.
  • Optimised device switch-off procedure in the event the device freezes.

Version 4.1.2

Firmware v4.1.2 116 MB
  • Improve the USB connection.

Version 4.1.1

Firmware v4.1.1 122 MB
  • Option in Settings to select the refresh frequency for page turns.
  • Changed images for sleep, off and low battery.
  • Option to justify the text in a book.
  • Option in Settings to disable Swipe in the viewer.
  • Improved cover generation.
  • Optimised page turn function.
  • Revised index generation, to make the device more agile when working with hundreds of books.

Version 4.1.0

Firmware v4.1.0 128 MB
  • Automatic dictionary selection.
  • Information on chapter progression shown in the viewer.
  • Option to copy books from the internal memory onto the SD card and vice versa.
  • Optimised bookmark operation and deletion; optimised page-turn function in the viewer; and optimised hyperlink skip.
  • Option to download books from the browser.
  • When ordering the library by author, the second criterion is title.
  • Option in Settings to restore factory settings.


GPL code

These files do not constitute a firmware update. If you install them as such, the device will not work. These files contain the free software that must be made available to users if they wish to modify the operating system of their e-reader (for their own purposes and under their own responsibility). To access the device and modify its software, read all the information contained within the program for developers (in Spanish or English).


Version 5.2.0

Download user manualuserManual_cervantes_5.2.0_values_ESP

Version 5.1.0

Download user manual5.1.0 (PDF) / 4.86MB / ES

Version 4.2.0

Download user manualOS 4.2.0 (PDF) / 755 Kb / ES

Version 4.1.3

Download user manualOS 4.1.3 (PDF) / 2.77 MB / ES

Version 1.0

Quick guide v1.0 (PDF) / 3.9 MB / ES-PT-EN

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