Libro electrónico Fnac


Version 2.12.1

Firmware v2.12.1 126 MB
  • Support for bold and italic text in .epub documents.
  • Lets you modify the fonts used in .epub and .fb2 documents.
  • Increases the font sizes available in all formats to 8.
How to update the OS? (PDF) / 53 KB

Version 2.12

Firmware v2.12 119 MB
  • Dictionary integrated into the viewer. Long press on a word and the translation will automatically appear in the context menu.
  • Improved power consumption and battery life.
  • Improved storage mode.
  • Progress bar for library synchronisation.
  • Physical buttons to browse the library.
  • Improved keyboard, enabling line breaks and scroll cursors.
How to update the OS? (PDF) / 53 KB
How to update the OS? (PDF) / 53 KB


Version 2.10

Download user manual v2.10 (PDF) / 2,54 MB
Quick guide v2.10 (PDF) / 1,02 MB

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