Extensive cover at a tiny price

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  • Reparación de accidentes

    Accidental damage repaired

    Protect your device against impacts and falls. BQ Plus covers component breakage and damage caused by accidents.

  • Protección Plus - Robo


    Enjoy your BQ with greater peace of mind. If stolen, we will replace your device with a new unit. BQ Plus only covers thefts of a violent or threatening nature.**

  • Daños por humedad

    Moisture damage

    Accidentally dropped your device in water? No worries, BQ Plus has got it covered.

  • Rotura de pantalla

    Screen damage

    If the screen gets broken or damaged, we will change it for you at no extra cost.

  • Recogida y entrega gratuitas

    Collection and delivery free of charge

    We cover the cost of collecting and delivering your BQ.

  • Coberturas bq Protección Plus

    BQ Plus coverage

    BQ Plus covers one loss* per year (impact, breakage, theft or water accident).

Price list

  • €19.90
  • €29.90
  • Devices not compatible with BQ Plus
  • €19.90

    Aquaris 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5 HD.

    Aquaris E4, E4.5, E5 HD

    Edison 3 (16 GB - 1 GB RAM)

    Edison 3 mini

    Elcano 2 QC

    Edison 2 QC 16 GB

    Maxwell 2 QC

    Cervantes (Versión 2013)

    Curie 2 QC

    Curie 2 3G QC

  • €29.90

    Aquaris X5

    Aquaris E5 FHD

    Aquaris E5 4G

    Edison 3

    Edison 2 QC 32 GB - 3G QC

    Edison 3 3G

    Tesla 2 W8

    Aquaris M5.5

    Aquaris M5

    Aquaris 5.7

    Aquaris E6

    Aquaris E10/E10 3G

  • Devices not compatible with BQ Plus

    Maxwell 2 Plus Outlet

    Maxwell Outlet

    Edison 2 Outlet

    Curie 2 3G Outlet

    Curie 2 Outlet

    Elcano Outlet

    Maxwell Plus Outlet

    Maxwell 2 Lite Outlet

  • €19.90

    Fnac 3.5, Fnac 4

    Fnac Phablet 4.5, 5, 5 HD

    Fnac 2 4, Fnac 2 4.5, Fnac Phablet 2 5 HD

    Fnac Phablet 7"

    Fnac 3.0 10"

    Fnac 3.0 7"

    Fnac Touch Light

    Fnac 3.0 8"

    Fnac 3.0 8" Plus

  • €29.90

    Fnac Phablet 2 5 FHD

    Fnac 4.0 10" (32 GB - 2 GB RAM)

    Fnac 3.0 10" Plus

    Fnac 3.0 10" Plus 3G

    Edison 4.0 10" 3G

    Fnac Phablet 2 5 4G

    Fnac Phablet 5.7

    Fnac Phablet 2.6


  • Price
  • Service
  • Repairexcluding collection and delivery time
  • Replacement
  • Loss
  • Duration
  • Standard warranty
  • Price

  • Service

    Telephone support
  • Repair

    15 days
  • Replacement

  • Loss

  • Duration

    2 years
  • BQ Plus
  • Price

    From €19.90/year
  • Service

    Telephone support
  • Repair

    15 days
  • Replacement

  • Loss

  • Duration

    1 year Max. losses: 1 per year

You can take out BQ Plus during the first three months. If you acquire it and activate it during the first seven days, your device will be protected immediately. From the eighth day up until three months, there will be a waiting period for the coverage of losses.

BQ Protection Plus has been available since 9/12/2014. If you acquired BQ Fully Comprehensive Cover prior to this date, you can view the terms and conditions here.

*A loss is any incident with harmful consequences described under the General Conditions. The Customer must notify Mundo Reader of the incident within a maximum period of seven days, starting from the date of it being known, and shall duly provide a copy of the purchase receipt for the device involved in the loss, and a detailed report of the incident and damage caused. In the event of robbery or mugging, the Insured Party shall duly report the crime to the competent authority, including the device references (Brand, model, serial nº, IMEI). The set maximum is one loss per device per year of insurance.

**To receive a replacement unit in the event of it being stolen, the customer shall duly provide a copy of the police report, including the device serial number and/or IMEI. BQ Plus does not cover non-violent theft or robbery.