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  • Tablets

    • Aquaris E10

    • Edison 3

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    • Tesla 2 W8

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    • Aquaris M5

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    • Aquaris E5 HD Ubuntu Edition

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    • Aquaris E5 HD

    • Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition

    • Aquaris E4.5

    • Aquaris E4

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    • Cervantes

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    • Ciclop

    • Mi primer Kit de Robótica

    • Prusa i3 Hephestos

    • Witbox

    • Zum BT 328

Biography of the founding partners.

  • Alberto Méndez

    Alberto studied Advanced Telecommunications Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) and his professional career path has been linked the company right from the beginning.

    He is a founding partner and Chief Executive Officer of Star TIC Innovación and BQ.

  • Adán Muñoz

    Adán studied Advanced Telecommunications Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He was President of the ITEM Consulting association and he also helped to set up Fundación ITEM, a foundation for financing the startup projects of UPM students. He is a founding partner of Star TIC Innovación.

    Adán was Director of Softime, a company dedicated to creating web information systems, which he left to become Director of the Chinese subsidiary of MemoriasUSB. During his time at MemoriasUSB, he designed and implemented the production processes for the opening of the company´s Chinese factory.

    In 2011, he joined BQ, where he now works as Director of Android Development and Integration, managing the programming and development of the operating system and updates for tablets manufactured by BQ for both proprietary and third-party brands.

  • Antonio Quirós

    As a graduate of Philosophy from the Complutense University of Madrid and the IESE General Management Program, his career path has always been linked to the world of information technology.

    He founded the Grupo Eidos company, together with two other partners in 1991, where he was in charge of the Technical, Training and Management Divisions consecutively. He was made General Director in 2002 and took charge of integrating the company into the multinational that had been acquired. For the first eight years he acted as Operations Manager of the company´s Spanish subsidiary.

    He is a founding partner of Luarna Ediciones, the first 100% Spanish digital publishing house, and BQ, where he also works as Aftersales Manager.

  • Iván Sánchez

    He studied Industrial Engineering at the Carlos III University of Madrid. He started working on small-scale device production at ITEM Consulting, as a manager in the Computer Hardware Department.

    Along these lines, he has worked as Production and Logistics Manager of MemoriasUSB, overseeing quality control and organisation in developing the company in China. In 2011 he moved on to manage the first production centre of Star TIC Innovación in Spain, with the main activities being to support MemoriasUSB and BQ.

    At the end of the same year, he joined the BQ team as Organisation Manager.

  • Ravin Dhalani

    Ravin studied Advanced Telecommunications Engineering, specialising in electronics and management at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He was an outstanding achiever, coming first in his year in every course. Ravin is a founding member of the Star TIC Innovación holding company. He is also a founding member and Secretary of the Fundación ITEM, which was created in 2006 to finance the startup projects of UPM students.

    Ravin was Chief Executive Officer of MemoriasUSB from 2008 to 2010, when the business was expanding into France, Italy and Portugal. He also managed the setting up of the Chinese division of company.

    He is Chief Technology Officer at BQ since 2011.

  • Rodrigo del Prado

    Rodrigo studied Advanced Telecommunications Engineering at the ETSIT of UPM in Madrid. He is one of the founders of Fundación ITEM, which was created in 2006 to finance the startup projects of UPM students. He is also a founding partner of Star TIC Innovación, a spin-off from the UPM which is now a holding company.

    From 2007 onwards, he worked as Commercial Director of MemoriasUSB, a company owned by Star TIC Innovación. He left this post in 2010 to join BQ as Deputy General Manager.

  • David Béjar

    David graduated from the UPM with a degree in Advanced Telecommunications Engineering, although his entire career has been related to the finance and business world.

    In 2004, he was President of the Young Enterprise Federation of Madrid (FEMAJE) and since 2009, he has held the title of EADS Six Sigma Black Belt.

    From 2006 to 2007, he held the position of Commercial Director of the Star TIC Innovación holding company, of which he is also one of the founders. In 2007, he left his position to join Airbus Military as Avionic Purchasing Engineer.

    In 2010, he joined BQ as Financial Director and since 2012, he has held the position of Supply Chain Manager, residing in China.


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