Mundo Reader, S.L. (hereinafter, “Mundo Reader”) provides this Warranty, subject to the warranty legislation of the country in which the product is sold, to the purchaser(s) of the BQ products included the sales package (hereinafter, the “Product”).

Mundo Reader guarantees that, for the duration of the Warranty Period, Mundo Reader (or a service agent authorised by Mundo Reader) shall correct, at no cost and in a commercially reasonable period of time, any material, design or manufacturing defects by way of repairing or replacing the Product, in accordance with this Warranty (except where the corresponding legislation provides for alternative measures). This Warranty shall only be considered valid and effective in the country in which the Product was acquired, provided that Mundo Reader intended for the Product to be sold in the said country. However, if the Product was acquired in a Member State of the European Union, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland or Turkey, and if Mundo Reader originally intended for the Product to be sold in one of these countries, this Warranty shall be considered valid and effective in all of the foregoing countries. Certain limitations may be applied to the services covered by this Warranty due to the differing country-specific elements that may be found in the Product.

Warranty Period and returns

The Warranty Period shall commence upon purchase of the Product on the part of the end user. The Product may be comprised of a number of different parts, and these parts may be covered by different warranty periods (hereinafter, the “Warranty Period”).

Mundo Reader guarantees that the Product(s) shall comply with the advertised specifications, provided they have been handled, transported, stored and used in accordance with the instructions in the User Manuals supplied by Mundo Reader. Consequently, Mundo Reader shall only be held liable for any non-conformities and defects that are proven to have been caused by actions or negligence occurring prior to the Product being handed over to the initial transport carrier.

The Customer shall examine the Product immediately upon receipt and shall inform Mundo Reader in writing of any complaints or claims regarding the Product which are attributable to Mundo Reader, within the period of fifteen (15) calendar days following delivery.

To the extent permissible under the laws of the country, the Warranty Period shall not be extended, renewed or otherwise modified following the subsequent resale, repair or replacement of the Product by Mundo Reader. However, any part(s) repaired or any products replaced during the Warranty Period shall be guaranteed for either the remainder of the original Warranty Period or a period of six (6) months from the date of repair or replacement, whichever is greater.

Regarding any other matters which are not expressly provided for under these General Conditions, the Product(s) will be supplied “as is”, without any offering explicit or implicit guarantees, whether derived from legislation or any other source.

Claiming on the Warranty

If you wish to make a claim under the terms of this Warranty, please send the affected Product or part, (if the Product is not affected in its entirety) to an authorised service agent of Mundo Reader. You can also call a customer service centre of Mundo Reader (charges may apply, depending on national rates or your service provider plan) in order to obtain more information on how to make a claim. Information on the customer service centres (where available) may be found on the original product packaging or on the local websites Mundo Reader.

Any claims made under the terms of this Warranty shall be subject to notification of the presumed defect on your part to Mundo Reader or an authorised service agent of Mundo Reader, within a reasonable period of time following discovery of the said defect, and in any case, no later than the expiry date of the Warranty Period.

If you make a claim under the terms of this Warranty, the following shall be duly forwarded: a) the Product (or the affected part) and b) the original receipt of purchase, clearly indicating the name and address of the vendor, the date and location of the purchase, the type of product and the serial number.

What isn’t covered?

This Warranty does not cover:

  • User manuals or software, configuration, content, data or third party links, included with or downloaded onto the Product, included during installation, assembly, delivery or at any point in the delivery process, or acquired by you via any other means. Mundo Reader does not guarantee that its software will meet your needs or will be compatible with any hardware or software provided by an independent supplier. Nor does it guarantee any software to be free from interruptions or errors, nor that any defect therein can be rectified or is subject to rectification.
  • Normal wear and tear (including, but not limited to, the camera lenses, batteries and screens).
  • Faults arising from incorrect handling of the device (including, but not limited to, faults caused by sharp objects, bending, crushing, dropping, exposure to extreme temperature or moisture, etc.).
  • Faults or damage resulting from incorrect use of the Product, including any use that contravenes the instructions provided by Mundo Reader (e.g. failure to follow the User Manual for the Products).
  • Presumed faults resulting from use of the Product with, or in conjunction with, any other product, equipment, software and/or service which is not produced or supplied by Mundo Reader, or which is used for non-intended purposes. Faults may be caused by viruses introduced via unauthorised access (by you or third parties) to services, other accounts, networks and computer systems. Unauthorised access can be gained through hacking, unlawful acquisition of passwords or other similar means.
  • Faults resulting from short-circuiting of the battery or from breaking of (or tampering with) the battery seals or cells, or due to the battery being used with non-recommended equipment.
  • Other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Mundo Reader.

Pixel Anomaly Policy

The screens of our devices are comprised of thousands of pixels. For all devices of this nature, it is not feasible for each and every pixel on each and every screen to work perfectly. If efforts were made to achieve this during the manufacturing process, the costs involved would rise exorbitantly, which in turn would increase the end price of the product to a level that no user could afford.

Like any other manufacturer, BQ has to find a balance between the quality of the end product and the price. In spite of the economic burden involved, BQ has decided to adhere to the stipulations of the EN ISO 9241-303:2011 Class 2 standard, which defines the acceptable parameters for screen quality as follows:

A maximum of 2 hot pixels (always white), 2 dead pixels (always black) and 5 stuck pixels (an RGB sub-pixel which is either always on or always off) per million pixels.

For more information on this standard, click on this link

Below is a table containing calculations of the number of pixels per screen for each of our devices. If the number of dead pixels on your device exceeds the number specified in the table, the screen may be classed faulty, in which case, please contact our technical support.

White Marks and Dust Policy

Small imperfections, such as anomalous pixels, flecks of dust trapped underneath the screen and marks that can only be seen against a white background, which fall beneath the threshold of “normal visibility”, are therefore not considered as defects, as that they do not affect normal use and reasonable ergonomics of the device.

Although standards for anomalous pixels exist (our pixel anomaly policy is detailed above), there are still no applicable standards or regulations on the presence of white marks or dust flecks on a screen. Under the policy of BQ, the following circumstances are considered to be acceptable, as they do not affect normal use of the device or the visibility of the screen:

  • Up to 2 white marks, each of less than 1 mm in size
  • Up to 2 flecks of dust, each of less than 1 mm in size

Consequently, any marks or flecks of dust less than 1 mm in size shall not be taken into consideration when assessing the condition of the screen, as they are not visible to the human eye.

If the size or total quantity of the white marks or flecks of dust exceeds the amounts established above, please contact our technical support.

SIM Card Policy

The SIM card is supplied by a third-party mobile operator, along with the mobile network and/or other systems used by the Product to function. Consequently, Mundo Reader shall not accept any liability under this Warranty relating to the operation, availability, coverage, services or range of the mobile network or other systems. Prior to the repair or replacement of the Product by Mundo Reader (or an authorised service agent), the network operator may have to remove any SIM locks or similar methods employed to prevent the Product from being used to access specific operators or networks. Under such circumstances, please contact your operator beforehand to unlock the Product.

Other important information

Please ensure that you make security copies or backups of all the important data and content stored on the Product, as data and content could be lost during repair or replacement of the Product. Pursuant to the section on “Limitations to the Liability of Mundo Reader” below, Mundo Reader shall not be held liable under any circumstance, whether explicitly or implicitly, for any damage or loss of any kind resulting from loss, damage or distortion of the data or content during the repair or replacement of the Product.

Any parts of the Product or other equipment replaced by Mundo Reader shall become the property of Mundo Reader. If the Product is not covered under the terms and conditions of this Warranty, Mundo Reader and its authorised service agents reserve the right to charge a fee for labour costs. When repairing or replacing the Product, Mundo Reader will use original products or parts.

Your Product and the software may include elements that are specific to your country. If the Product has been exported from the original destination to another country, it may include country-specific elements that are considered as defects under the terms of this Warranty.

Limitations to the liability of Mundo Reader

This Warranty constitutes your sole and exclusive guarantee from Mundo Reader, and the sole and exclusive liability of Mundo Reader for any defects that may be found in your Product. This Warranty replaces any other liabilities and guarantees that may have been provided by Mundo Reader, whether verbally, in writing, legal (non-statutory), contractual, non-contractual or of any other kind, including, but not limited to, and to the extent permissible by law, any other conditions, guarantees or other implicit terms pertaining to satisfactory quality or fitness for a specific purpose. However, this Warranty shall not exclude or limit i) any legal (statutory) rights you may have under national law, nor ii) any rights you may have with regard to the vendor of the Product.

To the extent permissible under the applicable law, Mundo Reader shall not be held liable for any loss, damage or distortion of data, loss of earnings, loss of utility or functionality, loss of business, loss of contracts, loss of profits, loss of anticipated savings, increased costs or expenses, indirect losses or damage of any kind, nor any losses or damage of a consequential nature or special nature.

To the extent permissible under the applicable law, the liability of Mundo Reader shall be limited to the purchase value of the Product. However, the foregoing limitation shall not apply in the event of grave negligence or wilful misconduct on the part of Mundo Reader, or in the event of death or personal injury caused by demonstrable negligence on the part of Mundo Reader.

Commercial Warranty

Certain products will include a 3-year Commercial Warranty, in addition to the 2-year Legal Warranty, making 60 months in total.

The said Commercial Warranty will include the same cover and exclusions as those set out in the Warranty for the first 2 years, with the exception of the following components: speaker, motor and sound box, which will not be covered under the Commercial Warranty once 3 years have passed from the date of purchase.

Should it be determined that after the 2-year Legal Warranty Period has ended, the product has suffered any faults or damage which are covered under the Commercial Warranty, BQ will offer the customer the possibility of: 1) requesting repair of the product, or 2) proceeding to return the product to BQ, who will offer the customer a discount voucher to be redeemed at store.bq.com for the value of the corresponding percentage of the purchase price of the device covered under the Warranty, as shown in this table:

Month of the Warranty Period in which repair is requested Percentage of the purchase price of the device covered under the Warranty
25 52,77%
26 48,84%
27 45,75%
28 42,51%
29 39,11%
30 35,56%
31 31,35%
32 26,99%
33 22,97%
34 to 36 20%
37 to 48 15%
49 to 60 10%

This Commercial Warranty will not be renewed when replacing the device with another, counting the covered period from the date of purchase of the first device.

Important: this Product is a complex electronic device. Mundo Reader recommends that you carefully read the User Manual and instructions supplied with the Product, along with other related materials. You should also bear in mind that the Product may include high precision screens, camera lenses and other similar parts that could be easily scratched or damaged if not handled with extreme care. This Warranty does not cover this type of damage under any circumstances whatsoever.

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