Android Nougat.


Now you can have two apps open on the screen simultaneously, adjust the size of each window and change the app with a simple double tap.

Bundled notifications.

Consult new messages at a glance thanks to bundled notifications. Just tap one to expand it and view the contents. It's also possible to answer a message directly from the notification.

Emergency information.

In case of need, gain quick and easy access to your contacts or emergency information (blood type, allergies or medical details) from the lock screen with just one tap.

The new BQ launcher.

The new BQ launcher incorporates more features. For example, you can double tap any part of the screen to switch it off, or access the apps drawer by sliding your finger over the lower bar.

*Not available in Aquaris X5, Aquaris A4.5 and Aquaris M series. Once the device has been updated the default icons will reappear on the home screen.

New Telephone and SMS apps.

Two veteran apps that have been renewed. The Telephone app now identifies spam calls, it indicates who's calling even if they're not in your contacts* and it lets you search by name for an establishment's number. The new SMS app is compatible with the RCS messaging standard which lets you send rich messages (group text-messages or messages with emojis, multimedia content or audio notes, for example) through the data network or Wi-Fi.

*Only if the phone number is listed in the Google data base.


Android 7.1 lets you access quick actions for apps from their icons on the home screen or in the apps drawer. For example, a reminder or event can be created by pressing on Google Calendar.

Night mode.

This feature changes the screen to an orangey tone which lowers the emission of blue light thereby favouring rest. Three options are available: Automatic configuration, From sunset to sunrise and Manual configuration.

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Devices updated

Aquaris X5 Plus VERSION Android 7.1.1 UPDATE DATE 13/03/2017
Aquaris U Plus VERSION Android 7.1.1 UPDATE DATE 29/03/2017
Aquaris U VERSION Android 7.1.1 UPDATE DATE 30/03/2017
Aquaris U Lite VERSION Android 7.1.1 UPDATE DATE 31 / 03/ 2017
Aquaris X5 VERSION Android 7.1.2 UPDATE DATE 27/12/2017
Aquaris M5 VERSION Android 7.1.2 UPDATE DATE 11/01/2018
Aquaris M5.5 VERSION Android 7.1.2 UPDATE DATE 12/02/2018