Android™ 8 Oreo™

Much faster… and more efficient!

Oreo minimises background activity to reduce battery consumption. For example, if an app requires your location, it will receive the last one saved rather than enabling the GPS. What's more, it prioritises foreground processes so that apps will start up much faster... Up to twice as fast in some cases!

New Picture-in-Picture (PiP) option

PiP is a new type of multi-window mode that enables video playback and video calls to continue while another app is in use. Enabling this floating window is easy: with the video in full-screen mode, simply press the start button. You can move it around and reposition it to your liking.
*This option must be supported by the app.

Enhanced hierarchical organisation of your notifications

Notifications in Oreo are grouped into four categories, ranked from higher to lower importance and differentiated by colour and height. The notification categories are "Major Ongoing" (music or directions), "Person to Person" (messages or missed calls), "General" (reminders or events) and "By the Way" (less important notifications such as traffic updates or promotions).

Notification channels and categories

Enable and disable the notifications for each app and choose how you prefer to be notified (for example, by vibrating and showing the lock screen) What’s more, within each app, you can assign different levels of importance (urgent, high, medium and low) to different notification categories.

*In order to be able to assign categories, this must be supported by the app.

Other new features in the Notifications


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    Postpone notification

    You can postpone notifications so that you receive them again later: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours later. You can also postpone them as many times as you want.

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    Background colours

    The notifications are shown on a coloured background that adapts to multimedia content (for example, to the album cover).

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    Notification dots

    A dot will appear on the app icons when there is a new notification. On long-pressing, the available shortcuts and a summary of the pending notifications will appear.

More Android 8 Oreo features


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    Improved autofill and text selection

    Oreo enables apps to autofill login details (with your permission, of course). It also comes with smart text selection, which enables you to paste rich text as unformatted text and identifies the type of content selected and suggests apps that you can use to open it.

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    New adaptive icons

    You can now you can apply the same form to all icons to avoid some being square and others being circular. The icons can also have little animations and can interact when pressed. Remember you must enable developer options in order to access this option.

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    Enjoy your favourite sounds and tones

    Add your own ringtones and notification sounds without having to import them from a computer or using other apps: on selecting your ringtone, you can select any audio file on your device.


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    More security and privacy

    Apps can only send premium SMS, access your data and install unknown apps with your express authorisation.

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    New emojis

    The emojis take on a circular form more alike to those which the majority of apps use by default.

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    Wi-Fi Assistant

    The Wi-Fi connection is automatically activated within a known network, even if the Wi-Fi option has been disabled in order to save battery.