Bubble Case Aquaris X / X Pro

Main features

Bubble Case Aquaris X / X Pro

Designer drawings for your Aquaris.

“Happily adrift”, by Clarilou

Clarilou uses tenderness and humour in her illustrations to reflect everyday situations and anecdotes about women. In this design the protagonist lets herself flow with a current of water, untroubled about where it will lead. “To enjoy being adrift, waiting for the wind to blow a little more, is allowed. Unlike making a decision, sometimes the best direction is that which is not taken”.

“Sometimes you have to let yourself go”, by Alfonso Casas

Alfonso Casas defines himself as an “illustrator of love in times of Instagram”, and he demonstrates this in his drawings where love, indifference, sadness, pain and joy have a special prominence. The design made for BQ follows along these lines, and the idea presented in it is that one should give in to love.

“Magnolia”, by Happy Friday

The Happy Friday decorating company creates designs with a focus on nature. Flowers, landscapes and birds play a leading role in their colourful compositions. The “Magnolia” design, conceived for BQ, is delicate and beautiful. According to its authors, it was created “purely with the simplicity and love of its elegance”.

“Smoothie”, by Ana Oncina

Ana Oncina is an “'illustrator with a passion for fried foods”, or rather, for a croquet and a pasty. Croquet (him) and Pasty (her) are a young couple that feature in many of her comics. They humorously portray common situations in relationships. The design on the Bubble case depicts the two in a relaxed summery scene.

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