Aquaris X / X Pro Hybrid Case

Main features

Aquaris X / X Pro Hybrid Case

The fullest protection.

Air Cushion technology

Air Cushion technology uses micro air bubbles located in the corners that absorb shocks: they deform on impact thereby stopping the force from reaching the smartphone and damaging it. The curved screen is also protected thanks to the 0.3mm high front bezel that surrounds the case, preventing knocks and scratches.

Premium materials

The Hybrid case has been manufactured using cutting-edge materials. The combination of PC Clear Plate and Soft TPU Edges protects your smartphone while letting its sensational design show through. Apart from offering resistance to scratches, the antiscratch treatment also prevents the build-up of dust and residue. Its antislip quality provides optimal grip in the hand and prevents it from sliding on any surface.

Custom made for your Aquaris

The Hybrid case adapts perfectly to the camera, fingerprint scanner, connectors, microphone and speakers of the Aquaris X Pro and Aquaris X because it has been specifically created for these devices. The covered buttons blend in with the design and respond swiftly when pressed.

*El PVPr no incluye la compensación por copia privada (canon digital). Puedes encontrar más información en el siguiente enlace. Aplicable a nuestros Smartphones, E-readers y Tablets.