Aquaris X / X Pro Slim Black Case

Main features

Aquaris X / X Pro Slim Black Case

Invisible protection.

Lightweight and flexible

You can rely on the Slim case to protect the back of your smartphone throughout the day. It's made from TPU, a ductile and durable material that's very resistant to knocks and scratches. Its flexibility makes it easy to put on and take off, and regardless of how many times you do so, it won't lose its elasticity or shape.

Nearly invisible

Being so thin, almost invisible, the Slim blends in with your smartphone's design and protects it while staying virtually unseen.

Custom made for your Aquaris

The Slim has been designed to adapt optimally to the fingerprint scanner, camera and connector holes of your smartphone without affecting its performance. The buttons are protected and respond swiftly when pressed. The finish is smooth and pleasant to the touch, fitting snugly into the hand to favour a perfect grip.

*El PVPr no incluye la compensación por copia privada (canon digital). Puedes encontrar más información en el siguiente enlace. Aplicable a nuestros Smartphones, E-readers y Tablets.