Portraits like you’ve never seen before

In portrait mode, the dual camera interprets the depth of field, blurring the background and keeping people in sharp focus in the foreground. The resulting bokeh effect goes beyond that of professional cameras, thanks to the Face Beauty feature, which highlights the natural beauty of the face.

Focused images, even in motion

With phase detection autofocus (PDAF), each pixel of the sensor has two photodiodes that independently receive light in order to detect the phase difference (amount of blur). When the peaks of the two electrical signals coincide, the photo is in focus, and if not, the system calculates exactly where to move the lens, focusing almost instantly, even in low-light conditions

Ultra-fast shooting: each photo is an image to be framed

When the camera is activated, ZSL (Zero Shutter Lag) technology gets going, recording 10 images before you have even pressed the shutter button. The six best ones are selected at the moment of the shot using Multi-Image Processing technology, which then automatically merges them to create the best possible photograph. The result is instant and incredible.

Reinventing night photography

The quality of a photo largely depends on the amount of light captured by the sensor. The Aquaris X2 and X2 Pro combine the two most influential elements when you capture an image: pixel size and focal aperture. The f/1.8 aperture of one of the lenses (allowing up to 67% more light through), and the huge 1.29µm pixels, come together to produce sharp, detailed photos under any light conditions.

Be the first to enjoy Google Lens

The Aquaris X2 and Aquaris X2 Pro are the first cameras in the world to come with Google Lens integrated into the camera. This pioneering recognition system, based on the latest advances in AI and real-time artificial vision, helps you to act on what you see: find items that inspire you, look up more info on monuments and identify different types of flowers.

  • Identify iconic places: find reviews, opening hours, historical information and much, much more.

  • Copy and paste text with ease. Google a dish from the menu, add events to the calendar or call the number on a business card.

  • Find inspiration: search for clothing, furniture or decorations directly, without having to describe them.

  • Identify animal species and types of flowers, trees and plants.

Capture live moments with Play Photos

A photo is an instant frozen in time, but with Play Photos, you can go back and relive it again and again. When you enable it, the camera will start recording. After taking a shot, create an animation with image and sound which includes the seconds pre- and post-shooting. It is compatible with Google Photos, Facebook and Instagram, which means you can enjoy sharing them with ease.

Get the most out of the camera


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    Use manual mode to create original effects. Adjust the exposure, white balance, shutter speed or play with the focus. It's never been so easy to take photos like a professional.

  • BQ-Aquaris-X2

    Horizontal and vertical panorama!

    Some images go beyond the screen. Panoramic photography, whether horizontal or vertical, is now simpler than ever with preview mode, which shows you the status of the image in real time. This way, you can see the end result at any time.

  • BQ-Aquaris-X2


    Say goodbye to photographs with lights and shadows that appear out of nowhere. Sunsets, backlit portraits or scenes with a high dynamic range will look spectacular thanks to HDR mode. Dramatic photos but without the drama.

Video in all its splendour

With more than nine million pixels of resolution, you'll be surprised by the quality and true-to-life look of your 4K videos. And if the situation gets a little shaky, we've incorporated the Vidhance stabiliser, a novel technology that analyses, optimises and renders the image, taking your videos to cinema level. All this with minimal battery drain.

Artificial Intelligence at the service of your selfies

The patented SoftNeuro™ technology makes the impossible possible: achieving the bokeh effect with a single camera. It detects and isolates figures and creates an effect of background depth, whereas the integrated Face Beauty mode highlights faces and illuminates them. Based on Deep Learning Inference Engine, this technology is trained as you use the camera.

Everything you would want in the camera of your dreams


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