PET-G filament Easy Go 1.75mm


PET-G filament Easy Go 1.75mm

The best alternative to ABS


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The best option for the most advanced users

PET-G is perfect for creating highly-resistant pieces that require some flexibility. High resistance to heat, chemicals, water and impacts make it the best option for printing objects to be used outdoors.

Durable and easy-to-print

PET-G is more resistant and easier to print than ABS. Other properties include low shrinkage, rapid solidification and high adhesion between layers, which prevents warping and delamination, and achieves durable pieces with a smooth polished finish.


  • Designed to prevent blockages

    Unlike most filaments available on the market, our PET-G minimises the amount of waste deposited in the nozzle during printing. As a result, the risk of the hotend getting blocked is reduced.

  • 100% recyclable

    PET-G is the material most commonly used in bottle and food container manufacturing. You can give unwanted printed pieces a second life by taking them straight to your nearest recycling point.

  • Convenient for home use

    Like PLA, PET-G does not release odours when printed and is suitable for use in totally enclosed spaces.

Easy Go winding

The exclusive design of our reels is combined with one of the fastest and most innovative winding systems in the world: fibre optic sensors define the exact position of the reel and align it with the line of winding where the filament is wound on at a speed and with an axle movement calculated to the millimetre. The result is an excellent finish which enables the filament to glide smoothly throughout the entire printing process.


    • PET-G filament Easy Go 1.75mm

      PET-G filament Easy Go 1.75mm

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