Extrusion kit HeatCore DDG.

Main features

Extrusion kit HeatCore DDG.

Extrusion kit.


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Greater tractive force.

The double drive gear traction system of the new extruder provides perfect grip of the filament: the two gear wheels apply pressure and pull it smoothly through to the hot-end. Designed and developed from scratch by the BQ hardware and mechanical design team, it is one of the few extruders on the market that allow the pressure exerted on the filament to be modified according to the material used. With the risk of obstruction minimised, a greater variety of filaments can be used, such as PLA, bronze, wood, copper and even flexible materials such as FilaFlex.

All the necessary material for impeccable printing results.


  • Alcanza la temperatura de impresión rápidamente

    Reaches the printing temperature rapidly


  • Control de calidad y testeo por el equipo técnico de BQ

    Quality control and testing by the BQ technical team


  • Cartucho calefactor cerámico 40 W 12 V

    40 W 12 V ceramic cartridge heater



  • Termistor 100 K integrado

    Integrated 100K thermistor


  • Tubo PTFE que reduce el rozamiento

    PTFE tube to reduce friction


  • Mayor fuerza de tracción del extrusor

    Greater tractive force in the extruder