BQ presents Witbox Go!, the first Android 3D printer in the world.

BQ presents Witbox Go!, the first Android 3D printer in the world.

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The first 3D printer in the world with a Qualcomm processor.

Light, minimalist in design, and made in Spain.

Madrid, 14 March 2017 – BQ has presented its new 3D printer, theWitbox Go! This printer using Spanish technology takes 3D printing beyond advanced and professional users, making it available to the general public thanks to an ecosystem of hardware and software that allows one-click printing.

Witbox Go! is made in BQ’s Noáin factory (Navarre) where Spanish technology is used to assemble all its 3D printing and robotics products. “3D printers have the potential to become indispensable tools just like computers but we have to bring this technology closer to people. With Witbox Go! any user who really wants to print in 3D can do so”, says Rodrigo del Prado, BQ’s Deputy Director General. BQ leads 3D printer sales on an international level and ranks third in Europe, which is their main market.

A smart printer

BQ has used the knowledge gained in the smartphone arena in its new printer: it is the first to come with a Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM processor; to be precise, the SD 410 Quad Core.Furthermore, it is the first in the world with an Android operating system. This allows the user to print from their smartphone, while improved WiFi connectivity, the inclusion of NFC and an OTA-facilitated update process, revolutionises their experience.

The Witbox Go! is equipped with next generation components (assuring high quality printouts) that automate the majority of processes and minimise the configurations that require user intervention. In fact, it is so simple to operate that a user requires only 15 minutes to initiate their first print as opposed to the two hours needed with other printers.

For example, if the print bed is not correctly attached its sensor stops the printing, the extruder sensor pauses the print job if the hotend becomes clogged, and the filament presence sensor stops the printing if the filament runs out. In addition, it does not require any configuration as the information is transferred directly from the PLA reel to the printer using NFC technology.

Zetup, easy, intuitive software

The printer is controlled through the Zetup software, developed by BQ, and it is available for PCs and smartphones. It is so easy to use that to print an object, all the user has to do is select the quality level and the fill density. Moreover, access is free to the MyMiniFactory repository. Witbox Go! is also compatible with other open-source software.

Integrated into the home

Our priority when designing the Witbox Go! was that it should blend into the decoration of a home. It has a minimalist design, clean lines and all its components are completely integrated. Regarding materials, plastic injected parts were chosen (combining lightness and resistance) and we have combined different textures for the final finish: smooth, rugged and grainy. The result is a compact printer measuring 30 x 25 x 48 cm, weighing less than 5 kg and with a print volume of 14 x 14 x 14 cm.

The printer is very silent thanks to its Trinamic chip that controls the movement of the motors and minimises noise. The texture of its print bed has also been redesigned so that the prints stick directly to it, avoiding the need for hairspray or adhesives and their unpleasant smells.

Witbox Go! will be on sale during the third quarter of this year at a estimated price of €779.90 (VAT included).

About BQ

BQ is one of the leaders in European technology. Their objective is to help people understand technology, inspire them to use it and develop it. To do this they are committed to education in technology, a DIY philosophy, and Open Source. BQ applies this philosophy to its products (smartphones, 3D printers, and robotics, amongst others) as well as its software solutions, working towards making technology a tool that improves the world and the life of their users.

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