BQ Printbot Evolution


BQ Printbot Evolution

Put your imagination to the test

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One PrintBot, a thousand robots

Give the PrintBot Evolution the look you want. Imagine how you´d like it to be and bring it to life, the only limit is your imagination. Dress it up like an elephant or a dragon, or design a new skin. We´ll give you a few ideas.

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Straightforward and educational

You will find all the parts and electronics required for assembling a PrintBot Evolution included in your kit. It also comes with a step-by-step guide to help you during the process. If you want to add a stroke of colour to your Printbot, you can print the structure yourself. We provide the 3D files for the parts. You can even design new parts yourself!

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Education as the foundation

Building a PrintBot Evolution helps to develop creativity, team work, critical thinking, as well as motor and 3D design skills. It´s more than just having fun, Evolution is the first step towards learning and understanding technology.

How to create your PrintBot

  1. Put the parts together according to the instructions.
  2. Go to bitbloq, install the code and get programming.
  3. Enjoy your PrintBot.
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New feature of your Evolution

You will learn how to program intuitively and easily using your PrintBot Evolution and our Bitbloq platform. In addition to line and Light dodger, the new feature with this Printbot is the ability to dodge around any objects in its path.

With Robopad you will be able to control your Evolution PrintBot, as well as all those to come. Connect your multimedia device’s Bluetooth and start playing!

Sigue líneas Esquiva obstáculos Huye luz
Sigue líneas Esquiva obstáculos Huye luz

Learn how to program your PrintBot

BQ provides you with a kit and a programming platform so that you can program your own robots with ease, in the comfort of your own home. This rewarding activity is the perfect opportunity to spend time and share enthusiasm with youngsters.

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    • BQ Printbot Evolution


      BQ Printbot Evolution

      99,90€ Buy
  • Colours available

    • White
  • Dimensions

    • Assembled: 180 x 115 x 100 mm
      Box: Dimensions 269 x 195 x 73 mm
  • Weight

    • 494,7 g~
  • Electronic components

    • BQ Zum Core controller board
      2 ZUMbloq light sensors
      ZUMbloq buzzer
      ZUMbloq double infrared sensor
      Ultrasound sensor
      Mini servo
      2 continuous rotation servos
      Battery pack
      USB cable
  • Mechanics

    • Pieces of structure 3D-printed in PLA
      3mm transparent methacrylate base
      Screws with gun metal finish
      Distance bolts with M3 thread on one side
      Sealing rings (4 mm thickness and 56 mm internal diameter)
  • Tools included

    • Allen key Ø 2.5 mm
  • Communication

    • Type B micro USB port
      Bluetooth module integrated into the controller board
  • Other features

    • Easy to assemble
      Interchangeable skins

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