BQ guarantee terms and conditions


  • Guarantor: MUNDO READER, S.L.
  • Registered office: Calle Sofía 10, Parque Industrial y Tecnológico Európolis, 28232 Las Rozas (Madrid).
  • Tax ID card number: B 85991941

Mundo Reader, S.L. (hereinafter “BQ”) provides the present Guarantee to the purchasers of the bq product(s) included in the sales package (hereinafter the “Product” or the “Products”).


In order to achieve the greatest possible clarity and transparency in our relations with our clients, we at BQ make available to you, independently, the terms and conditions governing the guarantee for all Products acquired through our website and applicable in Spain, or such countries where Mundo Reader may engage in its activities, and provided that there is no indication given of the existence of any specific conditions.

The present terms and conditions do not limit any rights you may be granted under current legislation. For the purposes of mere information, without acting as a limitation on any other rights that may lie to you, the rights granted to you in Spanish legislation on the guarantees for consumer goods and consumer protection are listed in the section entitled “LEGAL GUARANTEE”.


The standard guarantee period comprises protection for a period of two (2) years from the date on which the Product purchased from BQ is delivered.

Specifically, during this guarantee period, BQ covers those defects arising in the materials or elements making up the Product, provided that these arise from manufacturing failures. In no case shall the guarantee cover any errors, failures or defects arising out of incorrect use, failure to comply with the usage instructions and technical specifications provided by BQ or outside reasonably accepted use for the type of device marketed by BQ.


In the event that it is necessary to make use of the warranty for your BQ Products, you can request this through any of the channels indicated below:

  • By going in person or sending the Product or part affected to any of the technical service centres authorized by BQ in accordance with the indications given by each centre.
  • By contacting with our customer service desk.
  • By going in person or sending the Product or part affected to a BQ centre.

Requests for service under the guarantee must always be made within the term of the standard guarantee, i.e. within the two (2) years counted from the date of delivery of the product, with subsequent evaluation by BQ of the fulfilment of all the requirements indicated in the present conditions.

If you wish to request service under the guarantee and you are in a country where no authorized repair centre and no BQ centre is available, you must assume the postage expenses.


Once BQ has received the request for service under the guarantee, and after verifying that this request meets the requirements established in current regulations and, where appropriate, in the present conditions, Mundo Reader or a service company authorized by Mundo Reader will remedy the defects found, free of charge and within a commercially reasonable term, by:

  • The repair of the BQ Product with new parts or second hand parts that are equivalent to new ones in terms of performance and reliability,
  • The replacement of the BQ Product by another equivalent product with new parts or second hand parts with performance and reliability equivalent to the product under guarantee, or
  • The reimbursement of the value of the Product, following delivery of the same to BQ, in those cases where neither of the preceding options is possible. For the calculation of the value of the Product, regard will be had for any damage not covered by the Guarantee and also the time it has been in use.

The Guarantee Period shall not be extended or renewed and shall not be affected in any other way through the subsequent resale, repair or replacement of the Product authorized by BQ. Nonetheless, the part(s) repaired or the replacement products supplied during the Guarantee Period shall be guaranteed for the remainder of the original Guarantee Period or for six (6) months starting from the date of the repair or replacement, whichever is greater.


Any and all of the following aspects are expressly excluded from the guarantees offered by BQ:

  • User manuals, software, set-up, contents, data or third party links included in or downloaded onto the Product, included during installation, assembly, dispatch or at any other moment of the supply chain or otherwise acquired by the user in any way whatsoever.
    BQ does not guarantee that the BQ software confirms to the user’s needs, that it operates in combination with any hardware or software furnished by an independent supplier, nor that the operation of any software is free from suffering interruptions or errors, nor that any bug present in the software can be corrected.
  • Normal wear and tear (including, without limitation, wear and tear on camera lenses, batteries or screens).
  • Defects or damage caused by improper manipulation (including without limitation, defects caused by sharp elements, bending, compression or falls, extreme temperatures, dampness, etc.).
  • Defects or damage cause by improper use of the Product, including use contrary to the instructions provided by BQ (for example, in accordance with the provisions contained in Product’s user guide).
  • Alleged defects caused by the fact that the Product was used with, or in connection with, any product, equipment, software and/or service nor manufactured or supplied by BQ or was used in any way other than as foreseen.
    Defects may be caused by viruses due to unauthorized access by a user or third party to services, other accounts, computer networks or systems. Such unauthorized access may take place through attacks by hackers, the illicit obtention of passwords or other similar means.
  • Defects caused by the fact that the battery has been subjected to a short circuit or the seals on the battery have been broken or show evidence of manipulation, or where the battery has been used in equipment for which it was not specified.
  • Other acts beyond the reasonable control of BQ.
  • Additionally, for the products that are not cover for the present warranty for any of the exposed motives and in accordance with the regulations of the country that applies to it, Mundo Reader offers you a repair technical assistance service (SAT).

    For that you could contact our SAT through the following channel:Email

    In the case that you are a distribuitor you could access to our SAT through the following link.

    The SAT pick up the product in the address that you provide us in the moment repair request. Once the device will be analyzed, you will receive the correspondent repair budget.

    In the case that you accept the indicated budget and the product repaired, our SAT will send you an invoice and give back the product in the provided address, after you make the payment of the invoice. If after thirty days since the invoice was communicated to you the payment, you have not paid it Mundo Reader will charge you the amount of one euro for each day of delay in the invoice payment, in concept of storage costs up to a maximum of sixty days, at which time you will be take for that you have abandoned the product, which will then become the property of Mundo Reader, which may proceed with its destruction.

    In the case that you not expressly accept the budget, the SAT send the correspondent invoice for the courier service costs and shipping of the product that will return in the same address previously provided, after you make the payment of the invoice. If after thirty days since the invoice was communicated to you the payment, you have not paid it Mundo Reader will charge you the amount of one euro for each day of delay in the invoice payment, in concept of storage costs up to a maximum of sixty days, at which time you will be take for that you have abandoned the product, which will then become the property of Mundo Reader, which may proceed with its destruction.

    Following, we provide you the costs associated with our SAT service:

    Pick up and shipping of the device:

    Peninsula: 3,98€ for each route = 7,96€ pick up and shipping.

    Balearic Islands: 7,16€ for each route = 14,32€ pick up and shipping.

    Canary Islands: 15,98€ for each route = 31,96€ pick up and shipping.

    International: 17,92€ for each route = 35,84€ pick up and shipping.

    Labour: 14,00 €

    You could consult the replacement pieces relative costs through this following form.

    These costs shall be kept up to date at all times.



The screens on our devices are made up of thousands of pixels. In any device with such characteristics, it is not feasible for each and every one of them to work perfectly on each and every one of the screens. Such a degree of perfection in the manufacturing process would drive up the cost exponentially and affect the final price of the device, making it unaffordable for any user.

As any other manufacturer, BQ must strike a balance between the quality of the final product and its price. Despite the economic cost this represents, at BQ we have decided to position ourselves within what the EN ISO 9241-303:2011 standard calls class 2, which defines screen quality.

For more information on this standard, click on this link


Tiny imperfections, such as anomalous pixels, motes of dust under the surface or dots that can only be noticed against a white background, may appear on occasions. As these are below a normal threshold of visibility, they cannot be considered as flaws or defects, as they do not affect the normal use or reasonable ergonomics of the device.

Although there are regulations regarding anomalous pixels (you can consult our policy on this point in the preceding section), there is as yet no regulation applicable to the presence of white marks or dust motes on a screen. Nonetheless, BQ’s policy on this matter is to consider the following scenarios acceptable as they do not affect the normal use of the Product nor the display of the contents on the screen:

  • Up to two (2) white marks of less than one millimetre (1 mm) each.
  • Up to two (2) dust motes of less than one millimetre (1 mm) each.

In both cases, motes or marks of less than 0.1 mm will not be taken into account for the total as they are not observable with the naked eye.

If, on receipt of the Product, the size or total number of motes or white marks are greater than established above, we will remedy this defect under the terms of the Guarantee.

As in the case of dead pixels, marks may appear on the screen over time due to falls, accidental bumps or pressure; as these are not caused by a manufacturing defect, they are not covered by the guarantee.


SIM cards are always furnished by a third party (telecommunications operator), so BQ will not accept any liability whatsoever under the present Guarantee with respect to its operation, availability, coverage, services or scope of the system or cellular network or of any other kind.

Prior to the repair or replacement of the Product by BQ or the service company authorized by BQ, it is possible that the operator may have to unlock any SIM block or other mechanism in place that may have been included to prevent access by the Product to a specific operator or network. In such situations, you must first contact your operator to unblock the Product so that BQ can provide the appropriate technical assistance.


Remember that you must always keep backups or written records of all important data and contents stored on your Product, as there is always the possibility of the loss of data and contents during the repair or replacement of the Product. BQ shall not assume liability in any case, whether explicitly or implicitly, for any damage or loss of any kind resulting from loss, damage or deformation relating to data or contents because of the failure, or during the repair or replacement of the Product.

In the same way, and in order to ensure total privacy protection, it is necessary for you to send us the Product without any kind of personal information included on the memory of the device or in any additional memory in the same. Furthermore, you must not send us any accessory (SD card, case, SIM card, …) unless it has been expressly requested by the technical service as we will be unable to guarantee its return.

All parts of the Product or other equipment replaced by BQ will become the property of BQ. When the Product is not covered by the terms and conditions of the present Guarantee, BQ and the service companies authorized by the same reserve the right to charge for labour. In the repair or replacement of the Product, BQ will be able to use new products or new parts, parts deemed equivalent to new or reconditioned parts.

Your Product may include country-specific elements, including software. When the Product has been subjected to a further exportation from its original destination country to another, it is possible for the Product to include country-specific elements that are not considered defects under the present Guarantee.


The present Guarantee is your sole and exclusive remedy vis-à-vis BQ and sets out the sole and exclusive liability of BQ with respect to the defects present in your Product. The present Guarantee replaces any and all other liabilities and guarantees given by BQ, whether oral, in writing, statutory (non-compulsory), contractual, extra-contractual or of any other kind, including, without limitation and insofar as is allowed by applicable legislation, any conditions, guarantees or other implicit terms and conditions relating to merchantable quality or suitability for any specific purpose.

Nonetheless, the present Guarantee shall not exclude or limit (i) any of your (compulsory) statutory rights pursuant to applicable national legislation, nor (ii) any of your rights against the vendor of the Product.

Insofar as is permitted by applicable legislation, BQ shall not accept any liability for any loss, damage or deformation whatsoever in data, any loss of earnings, loss of usefulness or functionality in the Products, loss of business, loss of contracts, loss of profits or loss of expected savings, increases in costs or expenses, any indirect damage or losses whatsoever, consequential damage or losses or special damage or losses.

Insofar as is permitted by applicable legislation, BQ’s liability shall be limited to the purchase value of the Product. The foregoing limitations shall not be applicable in the event of any gross negligence or deliberate improper use by BQ or in the event of death or bodily injury resulting from demonstrable negligence on the part of BQ.

Important notice: Your Product is a sophisticated electronic device. BQ strongly recommends you consult the user guide and the instructions supplied with the Product and relating to the same. Furthermore, you must bear in mind that the Product may include high resolution screens, camera lenses and other similar components that may suffer scratches or other types of damage when not handled with extreme care. This Guarantee does not cover such events in any case.

This Guarantee is governed and shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the country in which the BQ Product was acquired.