Zum Kit Junior

Imagine, learn, play

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Welcome to robotics!

Zum Kit Junior is a simple and safe kit, which is perfect for designing your first inventions and robots, putting them together piece by piece and bringing them to life by programming them. The components are impact and drop-resistant thanks to the protective casing, the cables are easily connected and disconnected with telephone plugs, and the tape fasteners enable you to join up the sensors and actuators however you want. You will discover how technology is created as you feed your creativity and have fun experimenting!

Programming is very easy!

Already built your robot? Put it into action with Bitbloq, our free block-programming platform. A visual way to learn programming by fitting blocks together.

Our experience support us

Zum Kit Junior combines BQ Education’s pedagogical knowledge and experience in developing tech products.


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It’s not a toy, it’s real electronics!


  • Placa-controladora-Zum Core-2.0

    Controller board

    Zum Junior

    ( with RGB LED and buzzer included)

  • satelites


    3 x LED

    2 x Button

    1 x Switch

    1 x 7 segments display

    1 x Multisensor

  • Cables


    4 x 20 cm cable with RJ9 conector

    2 x 40 cm cable with RJ9 conector

    1 x USB cable – microUSB 1 m


  • electromecánica


    2 x Continuous rotation servos

    1 x Servo

    1 x Battery pack (8 x AAA batteries - not included)

  • ele


    2 x Wheel

  • cinta-de-cierre-por-contacto

    Tape fastener

    The blue tape identifies the satellites which are controlled by I2C and connected on ports A and B of the Zum Junior board. The rest of the components can be connected on any port.